Anagram Logic FAQ

The site doesn't work for me... why not?

Anagram Logic requires JavaScript to work, so make sure JavaScript is turned on in your browser. The site has been tested with IE and Firefox on Windows and with Safari, Firefox, and IE under Mac OS X.

I type in a word but it doesn't give me lots of anagrams to choose from.

Longer words tend to have more anagrams, so if you're entering just a first name try using a first and last name instead. You can also try using the bigger dictionary or allowing fewer characters per word.

Sometimes I'm part way through an anagram, and there aren't any words left. Sometimes this happens even if I see a word in there.

Anagram Logic tries to make sure to only give words that make valid anagrams. For example, if the letters left are "table", "tab" won't be listed because no words can be made from "le". We'd like to get this right all the time, but doing it perfect makes everything run really slow, so we do the best we can while keeping it reasonably fast.

Speaking of speed... why is it so slow?

There's a fair amount of calculating going on to try to give a list of words that will make valid anagrams. This takes place in JavaScript, so the speed will depend a little on the speed of your machine.

How many characters can I use?

We use the first 25 characters of input provided. Hint: If what you want to anagram doesn't fit, remove any spaces, since we'll do that anyway.

I have another question, or something doesn't work, or...

You can contact us at threepirateducks at

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